How to Encourage Children To Do Gardening Design

Gardening design and structures
Let’s be honest, getting children to do anything is difficult these days, even getting them outside to play can provide it’s own challenges, however today we will be specifically talking about how to get children into learning about gardening, and getting into garden designs.

Getting Started and Introductions

The first thing to make sure you do is to try and keep it novel and fun, which will help keep your children’s attention, making them engage with you more and concentrate better on the things you will be doing and saying. You could use a chart, or some sort of points system to gamify the whole process and keep them entertained.

Designing a Play Area Into It

Nothing will grab your child’s enthusiasm more then the promise of a play area in their new garden design. You’ll have your very own little bob the builder ready to help with any task you need. This is a great compromise, and is especially suited to gardens with a large lawn that can take multiple structures without looking lost. The video below has some great ideas for children’s play areas in your garden:

Specifics and Designing

A child friendly garden design

As you can see some of the best garden design ideas that are good when you have young children include:

  • Strict form play set (square or rectangular)
  • Raised beds (hard to trip over)
  • Bright coloured flowers (engaging)

This combination of techniques can help create a child friendly environment in your garden, while maintaining a modern and elegant appeal for the more mature members of your family, including your guests! You can find out more about specific garden design ideas for children on the Middle Sized Garden.

Choosing Child Friendly Garden Furniture

Winawood furniture is child friendlyFor a child friendly set of garden furniture you need something that can withstand some serious abuse, and generally be left outside in the rain all year, stuck in some damp muddy patch of the garden, and not be too damaged by stains from food and drink. The Winawood garden furniture range is perfect for this, because it’s completely weatherproof, and so can be left outside all year, any stains can be sanded down to reveal a fresh material layer below, and they can survive the hardest of knocks, being very heavy duty.

For more information about these garden chairs, benches and sets, see the video below by Garden Centre Shopping UK, a premium retailer of garden furniture sets in the UK, who are the largest stockist of Winawood, including the popular cushions, and have some fantastic reviews to go with it.

This style of garden furniture comes in benches, chairs, love seats, bistro sets, and dining sets. You can also purchase coffee sets, which are simply 2 chairs and a table, with some also coming with a 2 or 3 seater Winawood bench.

Some popular retailers for Winawood furniture include,, and

Your Thoughts on Child Friendly Garden Design?

We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about what makes a great garden for young children, please feel free to contact us in the comments and let the discussion commence! Find out more about us here.