Can Gummy Vitamins Harm Your Teeth?

Both kids and grown-ups have started taking gummy vitamins instead of pills and capsules, but there is some concern that they might be harmful for our teeth. How big a problem is this?

In short, it depends on the gummy. If it contains glucose syrup or other forms of highly-refined sugar, then it can be as damaging as candy with similar levels of those ingredients. Gelatine can stick between teeth until dissolved by the saliva or brushed away, but this is little cause for alarm, despite being uncomfortable for a few minutes.

Choose a gummy that has good ingredients, brush shortly after eating it, and your teeth will be fine. The best supplements are in pill, powder, or droplets, as these have the fewest added ingredients, however one of the newer vitamin gummies are from Yumi Nutrition.

Should You Take Supplements On The Keto Diet?

Any diet that is based on eliminating a major food group – and the Keto Diet is one of these – puts you in danger of missing out on the beneficial, necessary ingredients that come from that food group. If you can’t eat apples and bananas, for example, you need to make sure you get the nutrients that you would normally get from those fruits. Supplements might be the best way to go.

So, should I start taking supplements on the keto diet?

You’ll likely want a multivitamin. It should contain folic acid, as this is something we normally get from certain enriched breads and cereal products. You’ll also want to make sure you get chromium, B5 and B7, and calcium into your system. These are usually gained from eating grains.

You’ll probably also need to add some electrolytes to your diet. These will help you get through the first few weeks of the diet, which can leave you low on energy and feeling terrible. Some sodium and potassium will help to minimize this effect. One of the first things that happens when on a keto diet is that your body flushes out a lot of water. This happens very quickly and can leave you in need of more electrolytes, quickly. Luckily, taking electrolyte tablets or powders is easy, and quickly keep you in balance.

There are other things that you may not get in your diet as well, but it depends a lot on what you do eat. If you eat fish, you won’t need to supplement with omega-3 fatty acids, for example, but if you don’t, it’s a good idea to add some of these in supplement form. Many people know very clearly what they aren’t allowed to eat on a diet, but make sure you educate yourself about what you can eat as well, and that you are taking in the vitamins and nutrients you need.

Are there any supplements I should steer clear of on the keto diet?

Since most gummy vitamins are packed with sugar, they are usually a no-no on the keto diet. Sugar is a form of carb, and therefore not allowed. They may be small amounts, but they will take up space that you could use for much more satisfying and beneficial calories, like leafy vegetables or grains.

If you’re looking for gummies to improve hair and skin, then you should look for gummies that contain biotin.